The AWA (Africa Wrestling Alliance) has officially opened its doors to you! We are welcoming all those that have aspired to physical greatness. Whether your darkest deepest desires have been to be moulded as a high-flying, hip-tossing wrestler, or something more conventional such as a top-performing rugby player, gymnast or bodybuilder, the AWA School delivers the knowledge gained from its 23 years of experience. Bookkeepers, librarians, meat packers or train drivers, we don’t discriminate. If you’re just a regular guy or girl, don’t hesitate to contact us so that together we can make your dreams come true at the AWA Wrestling’s TRAINING school.


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Join the AWA Training Camp!

Posted by Africa Wrestling On July - 2 - 2014


The AWA training centre has thrown open its doors to all over the age of 16 years old. ‘We don’t discriminate, we take anyone and everyone in,’ says Shaun Koen, founder of the Africa Wrestling Alliance. It’s true. The organization welcomes both boys and girls, men and women, any colour or religion. ‘The benefits of our style of training are numerous; you don’t need to aspire to be one of our athletes in order to train.’

With its boot-camp style of fitness, members of the AWA Training School receive excellent cardiovascular training in combination with learning the basics of grappling, which is a form of self defense. Wrestling is also a great team sport, so serves as a nurturing environment high in camaraderie and teamwork. ‘It’s like being part of a new family,’ adds Shaun. Sure, if a somewhat overactive one. In truth, despite the high-impact, no holds-barred aesthetic, the reality about wrestling training is that it’s really just good clean fun.

Something for the ladies – The AWA recently opened up an exclusive ‘Diva’ division, targeting like-minded women who would like to cultivate their skills in the ring. Again, levels of aspiration are dependent on the athlete and what goals they have in the realm of wrestling.

Toughening up – Are you an ex-rugby player, gymnast or body builder? Maybe your sporting career has been more intense? Looking to try something new? Maybe take your body to a new limit or your fitness in a new direction. Do you think you have what it takes to be a fully-fledged wrestler?

No experience needed. We can train from a grassroots level all the way to professional if you are committed to the journey.

If you would like to join the AWA School of Hard Knocks training camp, contact us at or 082 456 0792 (office hours) and we’ll set you down the path to wrestling glory and physical fitness.

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House of Pain Royal Rumble – 5 Dec 13

Posted by Africa Wrestling On December - 12 - 2013

The AWA shook the Parow Civic all the way to the rafters with its ultimate House of Pain event, not to mention the curtain closer Royal Rumble brawl!

Ed-Electric managed to beat newcomer, El Marco, in a closely contested battle. The rookie managed to hold his own for most of the match but ultimately succumbed to the more experienced Ed-Electric.

Miss Gorgeous lost spectacularly to the MMA fighter, Sammy Swiegers. Swiegers was sent into a rage after being kissed by his exuberant rival, who he then eliminated with an unceremonious tap-out.

Little Hillbilly had to surrender his Towbars Cape Lightweight title to Zaheer Bayat. Seems the aerial tactician was employing too many of his acrobatic tricks and after one backfired, Bayat was able to capitalise and take the win.

The four way elimination round for the SA Cruiserweight title proved to be very exciting. Max the Body was first to be eliminated followed by young David Finlay. Thereafter Vinnie Vegas, the title holder, and Johnny Palazzio got into a tussle that ended with both men pinned simultaneously. Vegas retains his title by default, much to Palazzio dismay.

The Oz managed to hold onto his title against a vicious challenge from the Missing Link. It wasn’t without complication, as outside interference from Von Steele saw the Link unfairly pinned. By holding Link’s legs and assisting in a pin, Von Steele has invoked the full wrath of the Missing Link. So while the Oz will walk away with his All Africa Heavyweight title, a new gauntlet has been thrown down. Missing Link wants to face both of the men in a two against one bout.

The Royal Rumble remained a controversial affair. Last year’s winner, Von Steele, was the first man in. In a tremendous display of will power and tenacity, he managed to outlast every other fighter save for one, Miss Gorgeous. The two of them were the last to share the squared circle, but ultimately it was the Gorgeous one that hailed victorious after a ‘French Kiss’ attack. Von Steele will never be the same again. Miss Gorgeous is your new King of the Royal Rumble. Or is that queen? Also impressive was the display put on by the latest AWA wrestling talent, a sign of great things to come.

See you at the next AWA event!

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We salute Nelson Mandela

Posted by Africa Wrestling On December - 12 - 2013

The AWA are fiercely patriotic, so naturally it saddens us greatly to lose this great man, an icon of freedom and indeed our land. But we will continue to celebrate his fighting spirit.

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David Finlay out for SA Gold!

Posted by Africa Wrestling On November - 24 - 2013

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Young David Finlay, son of Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay made his debut in Germany in 2012. He is a three time Georgia State qualifying amateur wrestler, and himself a fourth generation professional wrestler. Young Finlay found himself in Cape Town doing missionary work during his gap year, when his father, ‘Fit’ Finlay quick about locating the country’s finest wrestling organisation and getting his son involved. You might know of Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay’s other successes such as his current position as producer of WWE. He is also a trainer and of course acclaimed professional wrestler with longstanding careers in WCW and WWE. And so it was his call to the AWA that led to David’s enrolment at the School of Hard Knocks. After four months of hard graft, David has graduated to AWA’s competition level, and will be forced to prove his mettle in an elimination style fight against three of the organisation’s hardest hitters. Enter Max ‘The Body’, Johnny Palazzio and the title-holder, Vinnie Vegas. Finlay leaves South Africa two days after the House of Pain. Will he be leaving with the SA Cruiserweight Title around his waist?

Tickets are available at the door. UNRESERVED: R40 RESERVED: R80
All bookings and enquiries, contact Shaun at 082 456-0792

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Posted by Africa Wrestling On September - 22 - 2013

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The current Cruiserweight Champion Vinnie Vegas, who has been branded by many as being pound-for-pound the best wrestler in SA, is set to face longtime rival the “Italian Stallion” Johnny Palazzio in the main event on the September 30th at Parow Civic Center. Known as “The House Of Pain”, Parow Civic Center has been the AWA’s battle home ground for many years, hosting some of SA wrestlings best matches. The self-proclaimed “One Man Show”, Vinnie is no stranger to success at “The House of Pain”. Success, however, has never come easy.

Now residing in Athlone, Vinnie grew up in Mitchell’s Plain surrounded by many bad influences such as crime and gangsterism. Encouraged from an early by his parents to stay on the straight and narrow path by working hard while encompassing a strong sense of morals and discipline, Vinnie matriculated from Mondale Secondary School and went on to complete his National Diploma of Information Technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. As a youngster, Vinnie was an introvert, spending most of his time reading comic books and playing video games. A nerd by definition. It was also at this early age that he became captivated by the larger than life spectacle that is professional wrestling. Collecting all kinds of wrestling memorabilia such as magazines, posters and action figures, Vegas had discovered he had a passion for the squared circle action. Finding inspiration in wrestling heroes and role models, he would also harbor a dream of one day competing in a wrestling ring. Many would mock that dream as Vinnie was but a scrawny kid, but he would not be deterred and thus, after completing his studies, he contact Shaun Koen and the AWA in March 2004.

Still, having never competed in sports at school level, Vegas initially struggled with athletic aspect of wrestling but stayed determined by never losing sight of his goal by mastering the technical aspects.

His hard work would soon pay off as he would get to make dream come true with his wrestling debut in August 2005 against William McQueen. But with dreams accomplished, new goals arise and championship glory was in “The One Man Show’s” sights. An opportunity would eventually come when Vinnie competed against fellow challenger William McQueen and then-champion Johnny Palazzio in the first ever ladder match in June 2007. And even though he would not attain victory on that night, Vegas would continue to press forward by competing and perfecting his craft. He studied many matches from all over globe including America, Europe and Japan, and incorporated many of their styles into his own. It had also expanded his arsenal of wrestling moves to a unique collection that continue to “wow” audiences at every show. Trademark moves such as his “Raging Storm”, super kick and flying elbow are not only used to inflict pain onto his opponents, but would soon bring in championship gold. And his first championship success would eventually come in December 2009, by winning the Coca Cola Royal Rumble title when he eliminated 25 members of the AWA roster in a single match. Happy, but with a hunger not yet satisfied, Vinnie continued to focus on winning the Cruiserweight title. He would then receive another opportunity for the title against the then-champion Mr. Money, one year later. This time, a seasoned and more experienced Vinnie Vegas accomplished his goal and became the AWA Cruiserweight champion.

Since then, he has become a 2-time Cruiserweight champion and thanks to wrestling, he has traveled and competed all over South Africa, including in Swaziland. These days, Vinnie has new goals and dreams. When asked, he says that as the current champion and a near 10 year veteran, he’s current goal is to be a role model to not only the fans but to the new up and coming wrestlers that he helps train at the AWA HardKnocks Academy. He also looks forward to competing at the “House Of Pain” on September 30th. When asked for a quote, he said: “It’s another one for the bucket list. Another goal. To defend a championship in the main event of the “House of Pain”. Not many wrestlers can stake that claim. I’ve prided myself of being a “genius of hard work” and getting this opportunity proves that when you set your mind on something you want, you can accomplish it!”

You can see Vinnie Vegas, Johnny Palazzio, Shaun Koen, AWA Heavyweight Champion The Oz and the rest of the AWA roster compete on September 30th at Parow Civic. As well as on October 5th in Kraaifontein at the Grand opening of Allies Meats on Old Paarl road where the wrestling will be no cover charge at the “Parking Lot Brawl”.

For all your enquires and Bookings contact Shaun Koen on 082 4560792

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Coca Cola Royal Rumble 5th Dec 2014

Posted by Africa Wrestling On September - 4 - 2013

The curtain closer, ultimate House of Pain for 2013 is almost upon us. That includes the pulse-racing, 22-man, Coca Cola Royal Rumble on Thursday 5th December 2013! There can be only one winner, don’t miss out on this edge-of-your-seat battle. You won’t be disappointed!

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New blood in AWA

Posted by Africa Wrestling On July - 15 - 2013

Welcome to the squared circle, from left back row; Kaystar, El Marco, Wilfred, Val-Ndoku
left front row; Zimbo and Klein Klopse

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House of Pain Gallery

Posted by Africa Wrestling On July - 15 - 2013

Want to put on a REAL show?

Posted by Africa Wrestling On July - 10 - 2013

Whether its fund raising, agricultural events, carnivals or if  you just want to put on a bloody big and brilliant wrestling show – we can help you out! You’ll have full access to our team of athletes and our squared circle, just make the call. We’ll bring the hardcore action!

Contact Shaun Koen: 082 456 0792

AWA Stages over 100 events on an annual basis ranging from Festivals and Fundraisers to Agricultural & Motor Shows!

Contact us so that we can generate the excitement and attract the audience you would like for your fund-raiser or event.

• Providers of action-packed sports entertainment for the whole family.
• Creates role models for all communities and both genders.
• Entices the youth away from negative community influences and towards sports entertainment.
• Market Position LSM: 3 to 8

AWA Wrestling Shows consist of:

• 2 – 3 hours of the best professional wrestling action in SA and Africa.
• 6m x 6m wrestling ring plus support crew .
• Provision to assist with the layout of A5 flyers & A3 posters.
• A6 size autograph cards and AWF Wrestling t-shirts on sale at shows.

…all wrestling and Promotional materials including:
• The AWA Wrestling Ring plus access to
• AWA Bodybuilders and other showpieces.

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Posted by Africa Wrestling On April - 21 - 2013