The AWA (Africa Wrestling Alliance) has officially opened its doors to you! We are welcoming all those that have aspired to physical greatness. Whether your darkest deepest desires have been to be moulded as a high-flying, hip-tossing wrestler, or something more conventional such as a top-performing rugby player, gymnast or bodybuilder, the AWA School delivers the knowledge gained from its 23 years of experience. Bookkeepers, librarians, meat packers or train drivers, we don’t discriminate. If you’re just a regular guy or girl, don’t hesitate to contact us so that together we can make your dreams come true at the AWA Wrestling’s TRAINING school.


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HOP now at Goodwood Civic – 20th March 2018!

Posted by Africa Wrestling On March - 7 - 2018

Don’t miss it! Now at Goodwood Civic Centre – Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 7.30pm! Come and enjoy it with a cold Coca Cola!

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House of Pain 2018!

Posted by Africa Wrestling On March - 7 - 2018

Don’t miss it! Now at Goodwood Civic Centre – Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 7.30pm!

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Merry Xmas from the AWA

Posted by Africa Wrestling On December - 14 - 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the AWA. Travel safely and enjoy the festive season with your loved ones.

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House of Pain is here!

Posted by Africa Wrestling On July - 22 - 2016

AWA House of Pain – Parow Civic | Monday 8th August

Soon the Parow Civic Centre will reverberate once again with the thunder and spectacle of the AWA House of Pain. It’s the country’s premiere wrestling event hosted by Cape Town’s oldest wrestling organisation, star-studded with the finest athletes in the land. The likes of Shaun Koen, The Oz, Johnny Palazzio, Ed Electric and Freak Show will throw down in this epic show in a series of one-on-one and tag bouts before culminating in the flagship match, the 22-Man Battle Royale. The idea is simple, 22 men enter the squared circle but through a process of elimination over the top rope only one will walk away, victorious. This lucky master of the mat will also walk away with the much coveted AWA Golden Ticket. This will entitle this ‘last man standing’ to challenge anyone in the AWA for their title. Absolutely anyone, anytime – at their request. See the appeal in that? Palazzio, who is the current ticket-holder certainly does, as he could still cash it in on the night of the House of Pain, so watch out.

Throwing their collective hats into the ring will be six new wrestlers making their debut, products of the AWA School of Hard Knocks training camp. Do any of them have what it takes to stage an upset and leave with the Golden Ticket? Stranger things have happened, but stalwarts and ex-champions such as Vinnie Vegas, El-Marco and Mr Money will surely have something to say about that.

Come for a great night’s entertainment, bring your family or just your partner and stay as late as you like because the next day is Woman’s Day – how convenient is that?

Tickets are available at the door or else you can book at 082 456-0792 Prices begin at R50 for unreserved seating and R80 for reserved.

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RIP: Jan Skull de Beer

Posted by Africa Wrestling On May - 11 - 2016

The AWA salutes a fallen comrade, Jan de Beer better known as the Skull. We offer our sincerest condolences to his families and friends.

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Big Top Wrestle Rumble

Posted by Africa Wrestling On April - 11 - 2016

AWA in conjunction with the McLaren Circus are bringing pro-wrestling to the people of Mitchells Plain on Tuesday 3rd May 2016.

That’s right – we’re taking our finest wrestling athletes along to enthral the locals. Heavy-hitters such as the All Africa Heavy Weight Champion – The Missing Link, Johnny Palazzio, The Oz, Vinnie Vegas and the Freak Show will be representing and that means plenty of action and drama. That’s all the punches, all the kicks and more. The night will culminate in a 14-man (maybe more, watch this space!) Battle Royale where the best of Cape Town’s wrestling talent will converge in the squared circle. Don’t miss the chance to see our star-studded line-up and the best grappling in the land.

Venue: McLaren Big Top Circus Tent, Portlands Primary, Mitchells Plain
Admission: R80 per ticket – ticket office open daily on show days at 10am
Phone Bookings: 082 747 5726
E-Mail Bookings:

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House of Pain is here!

Posted by Africa Wrestling On April - 4 - 2016

House of Pain 2016

Freedom Fight! The Parow Civic Centre plays host once again to the Africa Wrestling Alliance’s flagship bust-up, the House of Pain. This celebratory wrestling event sees South Africa’s top athletes compete in back-to-back bouts, one-on-one match-ups and ring-rumbling tag-team battles.


El-Marco will be defending the lightweight title that he won in December when he beat The Hillbilly and Devon Shooter in a Triple-Threat match. Who will get the opportunity to wrestle this coveted belt from El-Marco’s hands?

Cruiserweight champ, Ed Electric has managed to retain his title for 18 months straight – will this House of Pain mark the day he succumbs to a more skilled wrestler? And if so, will he put up a fight?


Watch as heavyweights such as Missing Link, Johnny Palazzio, Shaun Koen, Freak Show and The Oz go head-to-head in ground-shaking bouts.

This House of Pain will also mark the debut of two new combatants, Jay Cooper and Mike Zander. One thinks he’s a model and the other thinks he is the greatest gift to the sport of wrestling. Watch as the AWA stalwarts put them both in their place!

So feel free to stay out late with us at this year’s first House of Pain event – the next day is Freedom Day! Watch this space for more updates on this exciting event.

Ticket Prices: R80 All reserved | R50 All unreserved

Enquiries: 082 456-0792

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House of Pain 2016

Posted by Africa Wrestling On February - 2 - 2016

House of Pain

It’s here at last, the first House of Pain of 2016!

That’s right, you can expect all the melee and carnage from your favourite wrestlers come 26 April at the Parow Civic Centre. Don’t miss this one, folks!

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8th August 2014 NEXT “HOUSE OF PAIN”!

Posted by Africa Wrestling On July - 27 - 2014

Why should you care? Well, the AWA House of Pain event is one of the largest wrestling shows in South Africa and we’d like to celebrate this fact by rewarding our fans with a star-studded line-up and the best grappling in the land. So here it is, the AWA’s usual brand of chaos in raw format.

The School of Hard Knocks has churned out two more up-and-comers, in the shape of The Prince and Falcon. They have teamed up with AWA stalwart, Miss Gorgeous, and will be facing the more seasoned alliance of Max the Body, El Marco and Little Hillbilly. Will experience outweigh exuberance? Or will the young pups overcome the complacent veterans?

The gauntlet was recently thrown at the feet of current Cruiserweight Champ, Johnny Palazzio by the man on an enviable winning streak, Mr Money. The Kwazulu Natal local has had a tremendous run of successes overcoming some exceptionally skilled fighters in the process. Will his luck have any effect on the Italian’s more maverick approach to wrestling or will Palazzio prevail once again.

The quest for Cruiserweight gold doesn’t stop with these two. Vinnie Vegas will be facing Ed Electric for the esteemed honour of being next in line to contend for the title. These are two established AWA mat masters, well-rounded and hungry for a win. Vinnie arguably wants it more having just lost the title to Palazzio but you can’t count either one out till the bell tolls.

In a fit of overconfidence the Missing Link, all new Africa Heavyweight Champion, has put out an open challenge to anyone and everyone at the AWA. His opponent has been chosen but will only be announced on the night of the bout so don’t miss the reveal. The only question now is will the Link be missing his shiny new belt at the end of the night.

It’s our biggest bout of the night and one of the largest Battle Royales that the AWA has had the privilege of hosting in recent years. A whopping 23 wrestlers will enter the ring with only the last man standing to win the Cars Incorporated Battle Royale trophy as well as the Golden Ticket that allows them to challenge anyone for any title in any sort of match.

TICKETS: R80 Ringside, R50 Unreserved | GENERAL ENQUIRIES: 082 456-0792

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House of Pain Royal Rumble – 5 Dec 13

Posted by Africa Wrestling On December - 12 - 2013

The AWA shook the Parow Civic all the way to the rafters with its ultimate House of Pain event, not to mention the curtain closer Royal Rumble brawl!

Ed-Electric managed to beat newcomer, El Marco, in a closely contested battle. The rookie managed to hold his own for most of the match but ultimately succumbed to the more experienced Ed-Electric.

Miss Gorgeous lost spectacularly to the MMA fighter, Sammy Swiegers. Swiegers was sent into a rage after being kissed by his exuberant rival, who he then eliminated with an unceremonious tap-out.

Little Hillbilly had to surrender his Towbars Cape Lightweight title to Zaheer Bayat. Seems the aerial tactician was employing too many of his acrobatic tricks and after one backfired, Bayat was able to capitalise and take the win.

The four way elimination round for the SA Cruiserweight title proved to be very exciting. Max the Body was first to be eliminated followed by young David Finlay. Thereafter Vinnie Vegas, the title holder, and Johnny Palazzio got into a tussle that ended with both men pinned simultaneously. Vegas retains his title by default, much to Palazzio dismay.

The Oz managed to hold onto his title against a vicious challenge from the Missing Link. It wasn’t without complication, as outside interference from Von Steele saw the Link unfairly pinned. By holding Link’s legs and assisting in a pin, Von Steele has invoked the full wrath of the Missing Link. So while the Oz will walk away with his All Africa Heavyweight title, a new gauntlet has been thrown down. Missing Link wants to face both of the men in a two against one bout.

The Royal Rumble remained a controversial affair. Last year’s winner, Von Steele, was the first man in. In a tremendous display of will power and tenacity, he managed to outlast every other fighter save for one, Miss Gorgeous. The two of them were the last to share the squared circle, but ultimately it was the Gorgeous one that hailed victorious after a ‘French Kiss’ attack. Von Steele will never be the same again. Miss Gorgeous is your new King of the Royal Rumble. Or is that queen? Also impressive was the display put on by the latest AWA wrestling talent, a sign of great things to come.

See you at the next AWA event!

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