The AWA (Africa Wrestling Alliance) has officially opened its doors to you! We are welcoming all those that have aspired to physical greatness. Whether your darkest deepest desires have been to be moulded as a high-flying, hip-tossing wrestler, or something more conventional such as a top-performing rugby player, gymnast or bodybuilder, the AWA School delivers the knowledge gained from its 23 years of experience. Bookkeepers, librarians, meat packers or train drivers, we don’t discriminate. If you’re just a regular guy or girl, don’t hesitate to contact us so that together we can make your dreams come true at the AWA Wrestling’s TRAINING school.


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David Finlay out for SA Gold!

Posted by Africa Wrestling On November - 24 - 2013

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Young David Finlay, son of Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay made his debut in Germany in 2012. He is a three time Georgia State qualifying amateur wrestler, and himself a fourth generation professional wrestler. Young Finlay found himself in Cape Town doing missionary work during his gap year, when his father, ‘Fit’ Finlay quick about locating the country’s finest wrestling organisation and getting his son involved. You might know of Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay’s other successes such as his current position as producer of WWE. He is also a trainer and of course acclaimed professional wrestler with longstanding careers in WCW and WWE. And so it was his call to the AWA that led to David’s enrolment at the School of Hard Knocks. After four months of hard graft, David has graduated to AWA’s competition level, and will be forced to prove his mettle in an elimination style fight against three of the organisation’s hardest hitters. Enter Max ‘The Body’, Johnny Palazzio and the title-holder, Vinnie Vegas. Finlay leaves South Africa two days after the House of Pain. Will he be leaving with the SA Cruiserweight Title around his waist?

Tickets are available at the door. UNRESERVED: R40 RESERVED: R80
All bookings and enquiries, contact Shaun at 082 456-0792

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Posted by Africa Wrestling On September - 22 - 2013

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The current Cruiserweight Champion Vinnie Vegas, who has been branded by many as being pound-for-pound the best wrestler in SA, is set to face longtime rival the “Italian Stallion” Johnny Palazzio in the main event on the September 30th at Parow Civic Center. Known as “The House Of Pain”, Parow Civic Center has been the AWA’s battle home ground for many years, hosting some of SA wrestlings best matches. The self-proclaimed “One Man Show”, Vinnie is no stranger to success at “The House of Pain”. Success, however, has never come easy.

Now residing in Athlone, Vinnie grew up in Mitchell’s Plain surrounded by many bad influences such as crime and gangsterism. Encouraged from an early by his parents to stay on the straight and narrow path by working hard while encompassing a strong sense of morals and discipline, Vinnie matriculated from Mondale Secondary School and went on to complete his National Diploma of Information Technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. As a youngster, Vinnie was an introvert, spending most of his time reading comic books and playing video games. A nerd by definition. It was also at this early age that he became captivated by the larger than life spectacle that is professional wrestling. Collecting all kinds of wrestling memorabilia such as magazines, posters and action figures, Vegas had discovered he had a passion for the squared circle action. Finding inspiration in wrestling heroes and role models, he would also harbor a dream of one day competing in a wrestling ring. Many would mock that dream as Vinnie was but a scrawny kid, but he would not be deterred and thus, after completing his studies, he contact Shaun Koen and the AWA in March 2004.

Still, having never competed in sports at school level, Vegas initially struggled with athletic aspect of wrestling but stayed determined by never losing sight of his goal by mastering the technical aspects.

His hard work would soon pay off as he would get to make dream come true with his wrestling debut in August 2005 against William McQueen. But with dreams accomplished, new goals arise and championship glory was in “The One Man Show’s” sights. An opportunity would eventually come when Vinnie competed against fellow challenger William McQueen and then-champion Johnny Palazzio in the first ever ladder match in June 2007. And even though he would not attain victory on that night, Vegas would continue to press forward by competing and perfecting his craft. He studied many matches from all over globe including America, Europe and Japan, and incorporated many of their styles into his own. It had also expanded his arsenal of wrestling moves to a unique collection that continue to “wow” audiences at every show. Trademark moves such as his “Raging Storm”, super kick and flying elbow are not only used to inflict pain onto his opponents, but would soon bring in championship gold. And his first championship success would eventually come in December 2009, by winning the Coca Cola Royal Rumble title when he eliminated 25 members of the AWA roster in a single match. Happy, but with a hunger not yet satisfied, Vinnie continued to focus on winning the Cruiserweight title. He would then receive another opportunity for the title against the then-champion Mr. Money, one year later. This time, a seasoned and more experienced Vinnie Vegas accomplished his goal and became the AWA Cruiserweight champion.

Since then, he has become a 2-time Cruiserweight champion and thanks to wrestling, he has traveled and competed all over South Africa, including in Swaziland. These days, Vinnie has new goals and dreams. When asked, he says that as the current champion and a near 10 year veteran, he’s current goal is to be a role model to not only the fans but to the new up and coming wrestlers that he helps train at the AWA HardKnocks Academy. He also looks forward to competing at the “House Of Pain” on September 30th. When asked for a quote, he said: “It’s another one for the bucket list. Another goal. To defend a championship in the main event of the “House of Pain”. Not many wrestlers can stake that claim. I’ve prided myself of being a “genius of hard work” and getting this opportunity proves that when you set your mind on something you want, you can accomplish it!”

You can see Vinnie Vegas, Johnny Palazzio, Shaun Koen, AWA Heavyweight Champion The Oz and the rest of the AWA roster compete on September 30th at Parow Civic. As well as on October 5th in Kraaifontein at the Grand opening of Allies Meats on Old Paarl road where the wrestling will be no cover charge at the “Parking Lot Brawl”.

For all your enquires and Bookings contact Shaun Koen on 082 4560792

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Mr Money: best Indian wrestler in SA?

Posted by Africa Wrestling On August - 17 - 2013

One to watch: Is Mr Money the best Indian wrestler in South Africa today?
That seems to be his opinion. We catch up with this rising star to see if it’s just arrogance or if he can back up the claim

Over to Mr Money:
“THIS IS THE long awaited story of Mr Money. I was born and brought up in Durban. I moved to Cape Town back in 2004, during that time AWF was broadcasted weekly on ETV. Also during that time I weighed in at 130kg compared to the lean 85kg I weigh now, so I waited a couple of years before joining the AWA back in February 2007. I started off with the current lightweight champion Ed Electric, and through the guidance of the likes of Shaun Koen, Vinnie Vegas, BDX-Treme, etc. we both were able to make our debuts in September of that same year. My first match being at Builders Warehouse in Parow. It was a 4 on 3 match up, putting myself, Warlock and The Chad against Blankman (you know him now as Miss Gorgeous), Vinnie Vegas, Revyv and Ed Electric. This match ended in a no contest.”

Going back further
“While growing up I used to be a big time follower of SA wrestling. Back in the early years of my life I used to attend the events held at Westridge Park and UDW where I used to see my uncles battling it out. Yes, I come from a family of Indian wrestlers; my uncles were weekly highlights at Westridge Park. You might remember them as Flash Gordon and Speedy. I used to love watching them together with Gama Singh and Tornado. Considering I am continuing the family name in SA wrestling, I am proud of having since been a two-time and current South African Cruiserweight Champion. I have been in the ring with likes of Shaun Koen in my very first House of Pain. I’ve battled against the current African Heavyweight Champion Johnny Palazzio on numerous occasions.  I have battled against hardcore specialists like the OZ and probably SA’s best technical wrestler, Vinnie Vegas. I have travelled abroad with the AWA, wrestling in front of thousands at a time.

When I first began wrestling I was asked to get a ring name and what better than Mr Money? I am an accountant by day and wrestler by night. I have been featured in many business magazines over the years due to the sport that I have chosen. I have taken on the moniker “Golden Tiger”. I have embraced my Indian heritage teaching people the art of Bhangra dancing whenever I come through that curtain.

I have a few thoughts on SA wrestling today. I believe, and I will stand by this every day of the week, that I am the best Indian wrestler in South Africa today and I worked for every bit that I have gotten. Wrestling today in South Africa is driven by a bunch guys thinking they can jump in the ring and run their mouth. I am all in support for up and coming guys and other promotions but the young guns of today need to respect the veterans who paved the way for us. If you want to wrestle come to the school of hard knocks, and I will sure as hell teach you what wrestling is all about.

“I am the best Indian wrestler in South Africa today and I worked for every bit that I have gotten”

Finally I would like to say to all my fans out there, I will forever represent the people and remain the peoples champ no matter what because without you guys I will not be where I am.”

SM (aka Mr Money)

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RIP: Frikkie Alberts & Tarzan Jacobs

Posted by Africa Wrestling On July - 4 - 2011

SOUTH AFRICAN WRESTLING suffered a double blow with the passing of two well-known fighters this past week.

Tarzan Jacobs


Tarzan Jacobs, 81, died on Thursday in Brackenfell and will be buried on Monday, while Frikkie Alberts, 78, who wrestled as the ‘Masked Vrystaat’, was buried on Friday.

Both were part of the golden era of promoter Bull Hefer in the 1960s and ’70s.

Jacobs was enormously strong and also placed second in the Mr Universe body-building competition behind John Lees in London in 1957.

Frikkie Alberts

As a professional wrestler he had a strong following – mostly because of a superb muscular body.

Jacobs said his toughest opponent in the ring was Hercules Cortez with Ski-Hi Lee a close second.

He also fought international fighters Big John Strongbo, Spiros Arion and Yamo-Moto.

Courtesy of SAPA (South African Press Association)

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Who is Zizou Middoux?

Posted by Africa Wrestling On January - 12 - 2011

THE MIDDOUX CAMP won’t go unrepresented at the House of Pain. Despite Terry’s injury, his son Zizou, self proclaimed party animal, will be here to do some damage. On his Cape Town debut in June last year, the younger Middoux took on the Hillbilly Kid in a disastrous match that ended in a double disqualification. This time he’ll be looking for a win against Ed Electric, the Towbars Cape Lightweight Champion.

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Tribute to Alex Carlson aka: Bobby Rose; Ultimo Wulf

Posted by Africa Wrestling On December - 21 - 2010

Alex Carlson began his wrestling career like many a wrestling fan in backyards of friends in his local neighborhood. His love and fascination for wrestling however, proved too great as he hungered for the bigger, brighter lights and better competition in the world of professional wrestling.

With this goal in mind we enrolled himself into the AWA Hardknocks Wrestling Academy, where would learn the trade from African wrestling mega-stars like “The Lion of Africa” Shaun Koen and Nizaam “The Champ” Hartley. A naturally gifted athlete, Alex would quickly earn his stripes at the AWA’s training ground and was soon featured on the cards at AWA events and shows. Inspired by the Lucha Libre style, the fast paced and highflying Mexican version of professional wrestling, Alex went under the mask (a Lucha Libre tradition) and was reborn as The Ultimo Wulf.

Capitalizing on his unique look and high-risk offence, The Ultimo Wulf became a prominent fixture when the AWA went national with their televised Slam Series in 2004. When many a Cruiserweight in the AWA preferred the ground-based mat techniques, The Ultimo Wulf was one of the few took to the skies, wowing many an audience with his plethora of moves such as moonsaults, corkscrews and top-rope planchas.

After the dust of the TV deal had settled, while still under the mask, Alex wrestled briefly under the name of The White Angel before taking a hiatus from the wrestling ring. A sabbatical of sorts to “recharge the batteries”, for when he returned to the ring he was no longer the cruiserweight from before, but rather a bigger and muscular heavyweight. Eager to enter a new division with malice and intent, Alex dubbed himself The Bruiser – a chain wielding biker with a thirst for blood. This would mark the first time that Alex would be competing without the mask. After a brief stint in Johannesburg under the moniker of LX-Treme, Alex found his way back to his Cape Town wrestling roots trading in his mask once again for a cowboy hat to become the classy Bobby Rose. Mixing in attributes from previous his personas, the Bobby Rose character was big brute that could brawl but also had a flair for the air as well. Proving to be successful in his current run, Bobby Rose finally managed to ascend the ranks of the AWA’s heavyweight division by earning himself an AWA All Africa Heavyweight Championship match when he defeated The Missing Link and Boerseun at the House of Pain show on December 9th 2010.

At the Builder’s Warehouse show on December 15th, Alex once again wrestled under the mask, this time as the Masked Samurai. Citing that he was ready to try a different “look”, he proved yet again in the ring why he was the number one contender as well as one of the best wrestlers in the country.

Tragically, on the morning of December 16th, Alex passed away after a horrific car accident.

While wrestling fans may have come to know the many faces of Alex Carlson, it is his family, friends and wrestling peers that shall fondly remember the man behind the “mask”.

He will be remembered for being a locker-room prankster,  as Alex was known for stirring up a little trouble to not only entertain himself, but his wrestling brethren as well. He will be remembered for being a man who loved his wrestling and helped train many of the current AWA roster members like Vinnie Vegas and The Hillbilly Kid. He will be remembered for being imaginative in not only his many personas/gimmicks, but also with his in ring work and for being one of the pioneers of high-flying in SA wrestling. But most of all, he will be remembered for being a man who loved and cared for his family and friends, always willing to go that extra mile.

To the friends and family of Alex Carlson, we at the AWA would like to extent our deepest sympathies and condolences.

To Alex, may you rest in peace our friend and brother-in-arms. The moments and memories you have shared with us over the years shall remain always. Thank you.

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REVYV – Tow Bars Cape Light Weight Champion 9th Dec `09

Posted by Africa Wrestling On October - 27 - 2010


Tow Bars Cape Lightweight Championship
Nick Fury vs. El-Matador vs. Revyv

The first title match of the evening was the much anticipated triple threat match for the Tow Bars Cape Lightweight Championship. Nick Fury and FUBAR Revolution have interfered in the past and cost both El-Matador and Revyv victories. Night of Champions would be the champion’s toughest challenge as he would have no “backup” with the FUBAR thugs barred from ringside. The match started out with the challengers’ collective attack on their common enemy; predictably this camaraderie did not last as all three men put it all on the line for Lightweight gold. A couple of my personal highlights would be: El-Matadors insane flip pile-driver from the second rope, punishing his arch-rival Nick Fury; Revyv’s suicidal 450 flip from the top turnbuckle to the outside; Fury’s massive swinging neck breaker from the top rope on Revyv; and of course that incredible move leading to Revyv’s well deserved win. Revyv’s win makes him the second ever Lightweight Champion in the AWA, but if I was him I would watch my back, FUBAR Revolution are on the prowl and they don’t take loss well.

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Vinnie Vegas – “The Rockstar”

Posted by admin On October - 26 - 2010

Date of Birth:


Known associates:





vs. William Mc Queen; August 2005


Raging STORM! (standing fireman’s carry into a face busting knee-strike)

Signature moves:
Stairway to Heaven (Shinning Wizard)
Royal Flush (Diamond Cutter)
Rock & Roller (rolling splash)
Shotgun STO (knee-strike/leg sweep combo)
Flying Aces Elbow Drop (top rope elbow drop)
Machine-gun Elbows
German Suplex

As a student of the sport, Vinnie Vegas combines his love for the technical dynamics of pro-wrestling with a flair for high-risk offence. More recently, he has added a few striking and martial-arts into his repertoire. With this, Vegas has certainly carved himself a diverse move-set that few in the AWA can match. His performance in African wrestling’s first ever ladder match in June 2007, earned him the respect of the AWA fans and made him a popular fan-favorite.

All championship aspirations would have to be put aside however as he would then engage that in a year-and-a-half-long bitter feud with the much despised Warlock. This was an intense rivalry that culminated in the first-ever sadistic Medieval Torture Match. With his war-painted foe finally vanquished, Vegas is able to set his sights on claiming what he believes is his birthright, the AWA Cruiserweight Championship.

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Mr Money – SA Cruiser Weight Champion!

Posted by admin On October - 25 - 2010


Date of Birth:


Known associates:





vs. Parking lot Brawl (2009) @ Builders warehouse

William Mc Queen, El Matador

Budget Cut

Signature moves:
BulldogCorner Bomb
SA CRUISER WEIGHT CHAMPION! Self made millionaire Mr Money joined the AWA in an attempt to live-out his childhood dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler. The one highlight of his early years, growing up in a tough working class Durban suburb, was the trips to Westridge Park Stadium to watch his pro-wrestling idols in action. Great wrestling legends like Tiger Jeet Singh, Gama Singh and his uncle Flash Gorden gave him a sense of escapism and provided the fledgling Mr Money with strong Indian role-models that would shape his future. The work ethic instilled in him by these wrestling heroes soon paid off. After school he went it alone; playing the stock markets, making himself a fortune and in a flash becoming a property mogul. Now this hard working millionaire has turned his attention to the sport that inspired him. Embracing his culture, Mr Money has now become the strong Indian role-model he looked up to all those years ago.

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AWA Wrestlers

Posted by Africa Wrestling On August - 15 - 2009