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House of Pain December 2011

Posted by Africa Wrestling On January - 16 - 2012

All the action. All the photos.

Posted by Africa Wrestling On June - 27 - 2011

Photos by: Peter Huysamen

The House of Pain
was on fire once again as the AWA put on yet another amazing show, showcasing South Africa’s best wrestling talents (both new and old) under 1 roof!

Tag Team Match:
William McQueen and Nitro vs Sam Swieggers and Rasta
The action started off hot and heavy with these 4 athletes bringing the pain to each other from the get go. Nitro, a well-known and popular veteran who hadn’t been seen at a HOP event in many years, was in amazing ring shape. Despite both teams in experience with one another, they managed to hold their own with each team using unique double team offense and quick tags. In the end it would be Nitro and his beautiful yet deadly, 450 Splash, which would secure his team the much deserved victory.

Singles Match:
MAX “The Body” vs Ed-Electric
These 2 competitors both competed for titles at the previous House Of Pain in April, with both unable to secure any gold. With much to prove they squared off in a highly anticipated contest that was not only a clash of styles, but a clash of attitudes as well. MAX had turned his back on the AWA fans, stating that they didn’t respect him and that they were jealous of his chiseled physique. Such declarations only ignited the fans even more so to cheer the ever popular “Kaapse Klopse” Ed-Electric, who was in rare form. Max’s superior strength ensured him an early advantage, however it was Ed-Electric’s experience and ring general ship that allowed hi to gain the upper hand and the victory.

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Vinnie Vegas (Champion) vs Mr Money
The 2 long standing friends met once again in the squared circle, however only this time their roles were reversed. When last they met in December 2010’s House Of Pain show, Mr Money entered as champion, only for Vinnie Vegas to walk about with the title. Being the challenger now, Mr Money was clearly hungry for another title reign with Vegas not seemingly ready to give it up just yet.

Knowing each other’s personal styles and move sets, it was a match filled with reversals, near-falls and neither man able to land their signature finishing move. Both had to be creative with their arsenal to catch the other off guard: Mr Money with a Tiger Bomb and Vinnie’s Leap of Faith from the top rope to the outside.  It would however be Money’s attempted off-the-top rope double axe handle that would be his downfall as Vegas managed to catch him with a super kick in mid-flight! 3 seconds later and Vinnie Vegas was still the Cruiserweight Champion.

Towbars Cape Light-Heavyweight Championship Match
The Little Hillbilly (Champion) vs “The Club sensation” Zizou Middoux
Hailing from Johannesburg, 2nd Generation wrestler and the self-proclaimed “Club Sensation”, Zizou Middoux managed to  earn some fans (the female ones in particular) with his charming boy-ish looks and by handing out flowers to any lady he deemed worthy. Proving his French snobbish heritage, he would endure himself any further with Parow crowd by getting in the face of hometown hero and champion, The Little Hillbilly. Being both high flyers and aerial masters, the initial opening minutes of the contest was display of quick yet hard hitting moves.

Be it ego, stubbornness or a combination of both, a catch-as-catch-can wrestling bout soon degenerated into a bar-side brawl. Battling their way into the crowd, swinging fists, both men were soon counted out by referee with neither man seeming to care.

For what started as a competitive wrestling match for the Light-heavyweight title, to turn so personal, one can only hope that these 2 wrestlers get another chance in the future to settle their differences.

All-Africa Heavyweight Championship Match:
Johnny Palazzio (Champion) vs The Oz
In the championship final match of the evening, newly crowned champion Johnny Palazzio would face the man many believed was robbed at the previous House Of Pain show in April of this year. at that particular show, The Oz pinned Sam Swieggers in a 4-way match (featuring the Missing Link and Shaun Koen) to capture the All-Africa Heavyweight. His victory and reign would be short lived however as Johnny Palazzio, holder of the Golden Ticket, used this opportunity to challenge a worn out and tired Oz for a championship match on the spot. Victory was all but academic and Palazzio became the 2nd newly crowned All-Africa Heavyweight Champion on that night.

Riding a wave of momentum into the House of Pain arena, and declaring himself “KING” of the ring earlier in the evening (wearing an Elvis suit to match), Palazzio certainly carried himself like a man worthy of the title. This was not a sentiment shared by the rest of the locker room, the AWA audience and most importantly The Oz.

Entering the ring with a new entrance theme, The Oz seemly had his destiny written in the stars and was set to regain what was rightfully his. From the opening bell, Oz was an emotional roller coaster of aggression with the crowd clearly in his favour. He was able to put Palazzio down for many a near-fall. But Palazzio continued to show his resilience and perhaps proving that he did indeed deserve to be champion. In an attempt to knock out his rival for good, Johnny attempted suicide dive to the outside, only to crash head first through a steel table!

The Oz attempted to use this momentum shift to thwart his enemy and win back the championship, but it was not to be. Perhaps filled with too much emotion and desire, he made a critical error and was caught with Palazzio’s pump kick, which put him down long enough for the 3 count.

Golden Ticket Battle Royal:
The final event of the evening saw all the wrestlers in the locker room, including a few surprise entrants like Mr Pain, enter the ring at the same time ready to participate in the over-the-top-rope battle royal. In what has become an AWA tradition, the winner of this particular Battle Royal would earn the winner The Golden Ticket contract. Holder of the Golden Ticket would be allowed the opportunity to challenge any AWA wrestler to any type of match, at any event, for up to a year.

With so much at stake, all the competitors wasted no time in dealing out as much pain out on each other, with the crowd solidly behind the non-stop action. As inevitable in a battle royal it wasn’t too long before bodies were sent flying over-the-top rope. In the end, it was “The Lion Of Africa” Shaun Koen, who prevailed the victor and earned himself the much sort after Golden Ticket!


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JHB meets the Cape in an explosion of fists and grapples in this national event, reigniting old rivalries and spurring on new challengers. A slew of new mat men are pitted against established hands – do the young have what it takes? Do the veterans still have the spark needed to fight off the pups? We know the answer – and it’s a reverberating YES from both parties, as this event proves! Check out over one hundred photos from this adrenaline-charged show!

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Check out over seventy images from last month’s House of Pain wrestle fest at the Parow Civic.


House of Pain 23 September 2009 Parow Civic Centre

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You waited up until now for the latest images from this breakneck event – well here they are, all 78 of them!

The events that occurred at the House of Pain, on the 30th of June 2009, played out in the vain of a Shakespearian classic. It brought climactic ends to two epic feuds, saw the introduction of a new force in the AWA and whet our appetites for a colossal clash in the months to come.

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